Homes & Land Magazine

From mid-2005 until the end of 2007 I worked as the photographer and imaging specialist for Homes & Land Magazine in Southern California. Wade and Pam McCurry ran the franchise in California’s Inland Empire and they brought me on to their team of designers and staff as they prepared to expand their territories from 2, San Bernardino/Redlands & Lake Arrowhead, to 6 territories adding Big Bear Lake, Riverside & Temecula and surrounding areas. My duties included coordinating with Realtors and home owners to photograph interior and exterior views of their real estate listings that were to appear on the pages of Homes & Land Magazine. I composed, lit and staged scenes for more than 100 cover images in both day and dusk scenarios. Each week there were very tight deadlines for each of the 6 magazines produced, which often entailed photographing over 75 home exteriors and the interiors of 20 or more homes each week.

San Bernardino / Redlands

Homes Land Magazine 1212-1 Homes Land Magazine 1212-2 Homes Land Magazine 1212-3 Homes Land Magazine 1212-4

Lake Arrowhead, Crestline & Running Springs

Homes Land Magazine 1214-1 Homes Land Magazine 1214-2 Homes Land Magazine 1214-3

Temecula / Murrieta Valley

Homes Land Magazine 2185-3 Homes Land Magazine 2185-2 Homes Land Magazine 2185-1 Homes Land Magazine 2185-4

Riverside / Corona

 Homes Land Magazine 2213-1 Homes Land Magazine 2213-2 Homes Land Magazine 2213-3

Big Bear Lake & Mountain Resorts

Homes Land Magazine 2224-2 Homes Land Magazine 2224-1

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