Caffenol C-L 2nd Batch

I’ve tried again. I took my initial recipe for Caffenol-CL and adjusted it just a little to give the developer a little more kick, since my first batch came out a little under-developed.

My Second Recipe for Caffenol-CL

in 500 ml – Water from my Brita filter (temp 23°C)
2 tsp – Baking Soda
3/4 tsp – Ascorbic Acid
7/8 tsp- Salt
10 1/2 tsp – Instant Coffee
I started with a 5 minute prewash in Brita Filtered water which was 25°C. Then moved the 2 sheets of film into the Caffenol-CL for 61 minutes. Agitating for the first minute, then 4 inversions after a further: 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 16 minutes and then 28 minutes later moved the film to rinse under tap water for 5 minutes.
I used the same fixer solution as my first batch since it wasn’t too green in color from previous use. Again I left the negatives in the fixer overnight. about 7 hours.
I did a final rinse in tap water for 5 minutes and then one last rinse in tap water with a drop of dish soap to act as a rinse aid.
Hung the sheets up to dry.
This time the density of the negatives was much better. I could easily see detail in the images, still fairly dark, but much better. As these 2 pictures were taken over 10 years ago, I don’t recall the exposures so the darkness in the images could be from being underexposed.
With the developer temperature being at 23°C and using nearly the same developing time as the first attempt, I think I’ve gotten to a recipe that is fairly good. Maybe next time I’ll let develop a few minutes more.
Post Processing
I used the same scanning method as I did in the previous run. Then inverted, increased contrast, levels, the ‘works’ and then in the Arches National Monument image I healed the dust & scratches and called it a day.
Delicate Arch and Surrounding Cliffs
Arches National Monument – Moab, Utah
XP2 ISO-400 Exposure not Recorded, Developed in Caffenol-CL
Harvest Peaches
XP2 ISO-400 Exposure not recorded, Developed in Caffenol-CL
In the Arches National Monument image you can see a lot of clouding. I think that it is mostly because I am not getting all of the silver rinsed off, though I’m not sure. It could also be from the old age of the film possibly too.
More on Caffenol-C developing:

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