Aventuras em Alto Mar

I was asked to create a 1 minute advertisement for a children’s program at a Church in Mato Grosso do Sul back in January for my wife’s cousin. It was a very fun project for me. I was given the poster for the event as a template for the project. I immediately got to work in Adobe Flash for the animation. From Flash I exported each clip as an image sequence, which I then compiled in Adobe AfterEffects to convert to video clips. Using Adobe Premiere all the video clips, sound effects and soundtracks were brought together to create the final video. I hope you enjoy them.

Music: The Art of Gardens Instrumental – by DanoSongs.com

Then, in the beginning of April I was asked to create a short 50 second video for each of the 5 meetings that would each have a different theme surrounding the flood.
The first was the construction of the Ark.
The second was the animals entering the Ark.

Music: Rio do Paraiso – FreeStockMusic.com
The third video was the family in the Ark.

Music: The Living Physicist – DanoSongs.com
The fourth video was about the rain.
Music: Oceanward-Heroes – FreeStockMusic.com
The last video was about the rainbow.
Music: Top of the World – VideoBlocks.com

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