World Photo Day – TMAX 100 in Caffenol-C #1

Well I just got out of my DarkBathroom from developing 7 – 4×5 inch images I made last Wednesday on World Photo Day around Sobral. All 7 images were on TMAX 100, only 2 of them were exposed at 100 ISO. These were the last 2 images, after I remembered that I had loaded my film holders with TMAX 100 and not XP2 400 ISO like I had thought (since I loaded them about 6 months ago). So I overdeveloped the first 5 images a bit to compensate for the 2 stops of underexposure.

We’ll see what happens, but after rinsing the film and placing it in the salt fixer, I opened the door to let in a little light and could see images! So in the morning I’ll give them a final rinse and set them up to dry and with any luck I’ll have some preliminary scans in the afternoon, or on Sunday.

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