Throwback Thursday #3

_MG_9863In 2008 I photographed several assignments for The Hook in Charlottesville, VA. One such assignment was capturing images of the restaurant Maya to accompany a restaurant review for the weekly newspaper. While I was there taking pictures of the food and atmosphere, the owner informed me that if I could stay at the restaurant a little longer after I finished, I could have the chance to meet and photograph the renowned Mohammad Ali! His daughter was close friends with the restaurant owner’s wife and he would be coming in to tryout the new menu.
I was excited and in awe to see the amazing Champ. There were several other photographers there, and after taking my images I moved aside, and in the cramped quarters my mode dial got moved from ‘Manual’ to ‘Bulb’ inadvertently. Just a moment later, the Legend looked up at me with his classic stare and I quickly fired off one more frame. Incidentally so did a few other photographers, and with my new camera settings my shutter speed was a fair bit longer and captured their flashes as well, causing this ghostly double exposure.

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